Title: Marked
Author: Ellywinkle
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Derek/Stiles
Warnings: AU, Pre-slash, Discussion – Child Murder/non-graphic
Word Count: 1835

Summary: Stiles must search for help to save his father’s life and his own.

– – – – –

From the cold Reaper’s Hunt, a child runs too soon,
A life to save he will face the gloom
As the world is reborn by the light of the Moon,
The wolf will summon our Doom.
For the veil shall fall upon his call
And man shall fall within his thrall
Wolf now drawn must match his mark
As the path once barred is lit by a Spark
And when the two become as one
What once was severed will be undone

– – – – –

“Stiles, you have to go on without me.”

“No! I’m not leaving you, Dad. Not happening.”

“Son, you listen to me.” Stiles shook his head and looked away into the cold, dark woods of the Beacon County Preserve. This couldn’t be happening. His father’s hands reached up and turned his head back, forcing eye contact. “Stiles! At midnight you turn sixteen and at dawn that damn cult of Hunters will drag you to the town square for their fucking Coming of Age Ceremony. New Years Day is just their last excuse to search every kid for a Mark before they are recognized as an adult.”

“Dad, no one believes in that Mark stuff anymore. Discrimination against birthmarks was ruled illegal by the Supreme Court. It’s just a matter of time before they’re reintegrated into Beacon the way they have in the rest of the world.”

“Son, there are none of the Marked left to reintegrate into Beacon.”

“What do you mean, none left?”

“Stiles, the Argents don’t relocate marked children into Mark Towns. The Argents hunt those poor kids for sport.” His father gritted his teeth as he shifted his broken ankle.

Stiles shook his head in denial, “They can’t…Why would they do that?”

Dad’s eyes closed in more than physical pain, “The Wolf Prophecy is real, Stiles. Your great-grandfather was at the signing of the Accords between supernatural and man. We agreed to share this world equally. The laws of the supernatural would be integrated into our own. Hunter Families would lay down their weapons and allow the peacekeepers and the courts to maintain peace. But the Argents betrayed the peace and used the blood spilled to exile all supernatural into the Otherworld.”

His mind going a million miles an hour, “Djiadek’s stories are all real?”

“Yes.” His father nodded. “The dying forests, polluted waters, earthquakes, storms—it’s all related, son. The world needs the supernatural to protect it. We’re dying here without it.”

If the stories are true… Stiles shook his head firmly, “I can’t go without you. Dad, your ankle is broken. They’ll know you helped me escape, they might hurt you.”

His father pulled him in for a fierce hug. “My sweet little Mieczyslaw. I love you so much. I won’t lie and say they won’t try to hurt me. But, I would give my life a thousand times if it could keep you safe.”

“No, no, no. Daddy.”

“Hush.” He pulled Stiles back and forced him to meet his eyes once more. “You’re the one Stiles. You have the gift. The first one born with the potential for magic since our worlds were severed. Reach for it, and it will be there. Believe, and it will exist. And, someday, make the Argents pay for the atrocities they’ve committed.”

Dad pulled him in and kissed his forehead. “Tonight my son becomes a man. Make me proud.” He released him. “Now run, Stiles.”

He started to shake his head, but on the wind, he heard a sound like no other he had known. He cocked his head, “What’s that?”


“That sound. Almost like a dog howling, but louder and deeper.” The sound repeated, “It’s calling out…waiting for something.”

“Follow the call, son. Listen to the call and follow it.”

“But, Dad.”

“No, there’s not much time. It’s almost midnight. You must run before the Argents know you’re gone.”

The sound again, calling to something deep inside Stiles. “OK, I’m going. But, I’m going to find help. Maybe whoever is calling can help you before the Argents know we’re gone. Just, stay safe.”

Stiles saw the smile and knew they were lying to each other, “I’ll stay safe son, you need to go now. Before it’s too late.”

With one last look, Stiles stood, then turned toward the moonlit path and started to run. He had snuck into the preserve a hundred times and knew his way blindfolded, but he honestly couldn’t say he knew where he was headed. He needed help, and deep down he was sure his father wouldn’t be alive come sunrise if the Argents found him. So he followed a call that pulled at his soul.

How long he ran was unknown, but the path was smooth before his feet, and the branches seemed to move out of his way. The call sounded closer, so he pushed onward even as he felt himself traveling uphill. Breaking from the trees into a hilltop clearing he saw a scene from a storybook. Upon the hill, voice raised to the full moon in the clear sky was a black wolf.

The howl broke off, and the animal turned to face him. With eyes glowing blue and raised hackles, he growled. Stiles froze in awe at the sight but strangely did not feel afraid. “Wow, look at you. A wolf. A real wolf. Are you just a wolf or are you like a Wolf? Because you’re awesome either way, but I was kinda hoping to maybe find like a Wolf. Or well, maybe something or someone who can help me. But, if you could like not act like you’re gonna eat me that would be good too.”

He turned as a body came crashing into the clearing, “Derek?! Are you OK? You stopped the call and Mom’s…” She spun toward Stiles, and her eyes glowed yellow, “Who are you?”

“Whoa, squishy human here. No threat.”

More bodies flowed from the night into the clearing. Both Wolf and man, but all with glowing eyes.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? A human coming to visit. How delectable.” One of the men with blue eyes moved in close, sniffing around Stiles back.

“Hey, back up with the creepy stalker vibe,” Stiles demanded and was rewarded with a slow chuckle behind him.

“Peter.” The command of the voice had even Stiles wanting to kneel, but he kept his feet and felt creepy stalker dude back up a step.

A woman with red eyes stepped forward, “I am Alpha Talia Hale, and you are in my territory. What is your name and your purpose?”

“Um, Stiles. My name that is. It’s Stiles Stilinski. But, I don’t know what you mean about territory. This is the Beacon Hills Preserve. Technically it is kept in trust for the people of Beacon County, even if the Argents like to pretend it’s their playground.”

The growl returned and the hair on Stiles’ arms raised. But he could see that the woman, Talia, traded glances with several of the older people.

“And, your purpose in the Preserve this night, Stiles?”

“I need help. See, tomorrow is New Years Day. Well, of course you know it’s New Years. But, the Beacon Hills Coming of Age Ceremony is a scam by the Argents to kill off anyone with a birthmark because of some stuffy old prophecy about returning the supernatural to our world. Anyway, I have a birthmark. My parents kept it hidden, but there’s no way to hide it tomorrow.” He looked around at all of them as they hung on his every word.

“Look, I don’t care about my own life, but my Dad broke his ankle in the Preserve trying to get me to safety. Please, can someone help me get him before the Argents find him? If they find out he helped me escape, they’ll kill him for sure. He knows too much for them to let him survive and they can’t use me to keep him silent any longer.” Stiles felt a hum under his skin that was making it hard to stand still as he begged them to save his father’s life.

“You said you have a Mark?” A man who stood next to Talia asked.

“Yessss.” Stiles drew out. “Seriously? I say my father’s life is at stake and you want to see a mark?” He looked around at the expectation on faces. “Fine.” He removed his coat before unbuttoning his flannel shirt. Reaching down for his t-shirt, he pulled it up to his neck to reveal the strange triskelion shaped birthmark over his heart.

“Derek,” Talia called. A growl answered her. Her eyes flashed a brighter red, and her voice took on that commanding tone once more, “Derek Hale, I expect obedience young man.”

The wolf huffed before stalking through the crowd to stand in front of her.

Stiles lowered his shirt with a laugh, “Grumpy wolf is whipped.”

Another growl started but changed as the body in front of him morphed from the wolf into a man. “HOLY SHIT!”

Creeper’s voice came from behind Stiles, “Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?”

“What? Afraid? No. But, Holy Shit, smokin’ hot naked guy is standing in front of me.”

There were laughs around him but the guy, Derek, looked shocked and then blushed, “You think I’m hot?”

“Well, duh. Of course, you’re hot. I mean like instant boner hot, aaaaaand I did not say that out loud in front of everyone.” Stiles heard the laughter spike.

“Look, I don’t know what’s happening, but please, please. Can you help me save my dad?”

“Stiles, I do not know how you found your way, but the way to our world has been closed to us for a long time. We would help if we could, but there is no way to return.” Talia looked at him with sad eyes that no longer glowed. “You are welcome among us. As a parent, I know I would do anything to keep my children safe. I can only honor your father’s sacrifice.”

“No. He is not a sacrifice. He’s my Dad. I’m going to find a way to save him with or without you.” Stiles turned to leave, and Derek reached out to stop him.

“Stiles, wait!” His hand brushed against Stiles’ chest, and light flared between them. There was a moment where the only thing that existed in the universe for Stiles was Derek, and he could see that Derek’s eyes reflected the same. The moment passed, but he could still feel a link between them.

The gasps around him brought him back to himself, and he saw the Wolves looking out at the light that was traveling outward in an ever-expanding ring, lighting the forest. In a whispered sing-song voice ‘Peter’ could be heard behind him, “And when the two become as one, what once was severed will be undone.

Talia stepped forward and traded a triumphant look with Peter. “Stiles, we would be happy to help you with your little Argent problem.”


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  4. :Go Talia. The Argents sound like they are all like Gerard and Kate.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Yes, go Stiles! He found his mate and now he can save his Dad, oh and their world too!
    Peter is just so Peter even in the brief time he appears, he is such a character.

  6. That. Was. Awesome. What a gem.
    So glad I took the time to read it. Kudos.

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