A Friend in Need

Artwork adapted from the original artwork by Keira Marcos, adapted from the art for the Sunday Prompt on Discord.

Title: A Friend in Need
Author: Ellywinkle
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Characters: Jim Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy
Rating: NC-17?
Warnings: Explicit Material
Word Count: 476

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the 3/10/2019 Sunday Prompt which was posted on a Discord server.

Summary: Spock helps Jim when he is a little needy.

– – – –

“Come on, Spock,” Jim whined. Spock is certain that human sound is whining. He carefully turned off the decontamination shower in the ship’s locker room before turning around to face the man.

“Captain, you are fully capable of caring for your condition on your own.” There. A logical response to a delicate request. There are times when logic is a refuge, and this is one of those times.

“My condition is becoming more uncomfortable by the moment.” Jim’s eyes pleaded with Spock for assistance. “It’s hard Spock, it’s so hard and weeping. Just a touch. Please, Spock. I can’t last long.”


“Jim. I think you can call me Jim now, Spock.”

“Jim. This is hardly appropriate.”

“I need you, Spock like I’ve never needed anyone before. You said you would always be my friend, I really need a friend now.” Jim was leaning with his back against the shower wall, and Spock let his eyes drift down from Jim’s face to his heaving chest as Jim closed his eyes and swallowed hard. Rivulets of water running down his naked body.

Spock sighed, no he didn’t, Vulcans do not sigh…unless they are compromised, or if the cause is sufficient.

“Spock, don’t leave me hanging like this.”

“Jim, I am well-versed in human anatomy, but what exactly do I…” OK, so this is what awkward would feel like if he was analyzing such things.

“On the floor—there’s a tube. Put some in your hand and then gently…”Jim jumped a little. “I said gently, just—yeah, like…ohhhh.”

Spock found the transition from begging to moaning fascinating. It was a complete transformation in the man he was touching, and the tiny bit of stimulus he was providing seemed barely adequate for the response.

“Is that enough,” Spock started.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Jim tensed up causing Spock to shift his grip and move in a different direction. Jim held rigid a moment as his body seemed to jerk; then it was as if he was melting against the wall.

In breathy gasps, he spoke, “Thanks. Spock. I needed that.”

“Your need was apparent.”

“Well, I see you found help with that.” Spock turned to the side to acknowledge Dr. McCoy’s approach.

“Yeah, Spock was great.” Jim grinned from his now seated position on the floor. “How’s my team, Bones?”

“Well, I can just say the next time you lot decide to visit a rustic nudist planet, you need to take a crash course in the local version of poison ivy. Spock, did you get that cream spread everywhere?”

“He responded well to the application, Doctor.”

“Thanks for helping him.”

“As the Earth saying goes, “That’s what friends are for.” Earth sayings are rarely grammatically correct, Spock contemplated.

Jim grinned at him again while finishing with his towel, “We also say ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’”

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