Shakespeare in the Preserve Series Page

Author: Ellywinkle
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Series: Shakespeare in the Preserve
Series Content Warning: NC-17
Series Warnings: Character Bashing, Dark Themes, Death – Major Character, Death – Minor Character, Explicit Sex, Hate Crimes, Kidnapping, Murder, Racism, Mention Rape/Non-con, Violence – Canon – Level
Genres: Alternate Universe, Fantasy
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Peter Hale/Noah Stilinski

Author’s Note: This is a three part series written for Rough Trade 2021.  Warnings are for the series as a whole.

Series Summary: When Derek becomes alpha he pushes away his marked mate to keep him safe from Gerard Argent’s crusade against the supernatural. But without a bond to his mate and the pack, Stiles is lost to them when the Nemeton calls. As the world devolves around them, Derek must learn to love what he can’t remember if they are going to have the chance to right what went wrong and save them all.





Walking Shadow – Part 1

Waking Shadow – Part 2

Walking Shadow
Word Count: 35,788
Series Order: 1

Summary: Peter willingly gave Derek the Alpha Spark once his family was avenged. Stiles was the only one who noticed that he gained a mark at the moment Derek became Alpha. Now Derek is trying to rebuild a pack while Argents are sweeping in to cause trouble. Stiles just wants to know what is this soul mark and why does all of the weird stuff all over town keep happening to him? When the Nemeton demands Stiles fulfill his role, can Stiles survive Magic’s Call without a soul anchor?


Perchance to Dream

Word Count: 24,839
Series Order: 2

Summary: As Derek prepares to see his sister Cora for the first time since the fire, he is plagued by dreams of memories that never existed. Sparkling brown eyes, a mischievous smile, and skin dusted in moles that are in perpetual motion.


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