Title: Dudley
Author: Ellywinkle

Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Dudley Dursley, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, Harry Potter, Sirius Black

Genre: Angst
Word Count: 936

Warning: anti-Dumbledore
Summary: How far were the Dursley’s willing to go to protect their family from magic?

– – – –

Author Note: This was originally posted on the Rough Trade Big Short Forum. The story is complete as is.

– – – –

“Why would you do this to me?” Dudley calmly asked his parents.

“Now Dudders, you have to understand. It was the only way we could protect you.” Petunia started.

“Protect me?!” Dudley yelled. “I could have had a life filled with wonder and magic. Instead I’m going to be dead before I’m thirty. How can you possibly consider this protection?”

“Now sweetikins you need to calm down. You don’t want to get all upset do you. How about I make you a nice chocolate cake. You like that. We can just forget about what was said and get on with our lives as soon as they’re gone. After we eat I will take you out for that new video game you’ve been wanting. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Petunia pleaded.

“What if I want to be upset? How can you possibly think that cake and toys could compare. All my life you’ve been throwing me sweets and toys at the slightest provocation while treating Harry like crap. You encouraged me to treat him the same and I’m just like him.” Dudley looked so hurt and confused.

“No you’re not! No son of mine was going to be one of those FREAKS!” Vernon spewed his venom. “Just look at them acting like they have the right to even exist in a good, normal home.” He pointed toward Harry and Sirius.

Sirius started to reach for his wand but Harry gripped his arm firmly. Unless the attack became physical, this was Dudley’s fight. Harry’s bags were packed and already shrunk into Sirius’ pocket. It had been hard to sit back and wait in this house while Sirius fought his battle to clear his name. Professor Snape had luckily been able to testify that he witnessed Peter Pettigrew alive in the Shrieking Shack and heard his confession to betraying the Potters.

Today was suppose to be the best birthday of his life. The day Sirius gained custody and he left here forever. But when Sirius with his mage sight was able to clearly see that Dumbledore had bound Dudley’s magic, as a former auror he had to speak up.

“Apparently I was born one of those freaks.” Dudley stated getting angry.

“Well we fixed that, didn’t we? That Dumbles man came to us when you were fourteen months old and told us that those Potters were going to get themselves killed. He wanted someplace he could hide the Freak when it happened. Didn’t care what we did as long as it was still alive when he was ready for it. We didn’t want any of that nonsense in our good home. But then he told us that you had that magic. We made the deal. He locked it up and we took care of the Freak if the time came. Just had to be sure you didn’t use it by accident. We did a good job at that. At least you’re normal.” Vernon said with assurance of the rightness of his cause.

Sirius could remain silent no longer. “Did he explain that the binding would shorten your son’s life? Did you knowingly allow him to do this to your own child with the understanding that the magic would eat him from within?”

Dudley rocked slightly, “Can it be reversed? Is there some way to save me?”

Sirius looked pensive, “One more year and there would be no way to change it. But yes, I believe it can be done. But, your magic may be a bit unstable for a very long time. You may never be able to live in the muggle world again.”

“Absolutely not! We didn’t go through all this work to allow my little Dudders to end up like my sister. I may have been forced to raise her spawn, but my child won’t be one of those foul, loathsome creatures.” Petunia cried out her eyes blazing.

“You hate magic so much you would rather see me dead?” Dudley asked his mother, horrified.

“Yes. It stole my sister and now it’s trying to steal my baby. It’s unnatural and only I could understand the taint on the family.”

Dudley stared at his parents, seeing them for the first time. He turned away and looked at Harry. “I don’t know how you could ever forgive me.”

“I wasn’t the only victim here.” Harry stated sadly.

Dudley squared his shoulders. “Lord Black, I would like to request your help. Though I don’t know if I could ever repay you.”

“It is within my authority as the Lord of the House of Black to take into guardianship any minor magical with a connection to the House. You have that connection through Harry now.”

“If you go, I don’t ever want to see you darken our door again. Do you hear me Dudley? I won’t have Freaks here ever again. You all just stay away.” Vernon yelled.

Dudley started to open his mouth but Sirius stopped him. “Don’t let your last words to them be ones of hate. Pity them, but for your own peace of mind, don’t hate them.”

“How can you say that? After what they’ve done to me and Harry?” Dudley asked perplexed.

Harry grinned and answered, “Therapy. They’re making him see a mind healer who ordered lots of therapy. Apparently one of the therapists is a great shag.”

“I assure you Harry the sex was prescribed. Sex therapy is a new thing.”

“Right, that’s why you’ve seen him six times since your last appointment.”

Dudley looked back and forth between them and smiled slightly. He stepped forward and took the hand Lord Black offered without looking back.


  1. Okay, this was great. I always wondered if Dudley would come around, but wow! Even more messed Petunia and Vernon than canon. I loved, loved the ending! Sirius manages to be both amazingly profound and still a hound dog in just a few minutes. I’m so glad I found your work.

  2. OMG, I love when one of the Dursleys is acting like a human beeing. That it’s Dudley it’s a bonus. Again, so rich development in so few words. Great story!

  3. I love that both Harry and Dudley are rescued, because both have been treated badly.
    And Sirius would definitely sign up for sex therapy if it was offered!

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